PPE new designation area and review - Post-designation review of notified bodys


In Hungary, the conformity assessment of personal protective equipment is regulated by Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council and the Government Decrees 30/2018 (28.II.) and 315/2009 (28.XII.) introducing it into the Hungarian legal system. All three documents clarify the obligations of the bodies that may carry out EU type examination and inspection activities as Notified Bodies.

The independent bodies carrying out EU-type examination and verification are designated and notified to the Commission and the other Member States by an authority in each Member State on the basis of their application. The designating authority (ITM) authorising conformity assessment activities reviews annually the conformity with the conditions for designation. The review includes notification of any changes/alterations, including conformity assessment to new standards.

During the 2021 review, the following new area was submitted and approved in March this year:

  • Conductive protective clothing, head protection and hand protection for live working (EU-type Examination/Module B and Verification/Module C2)

Protective clothing, tested and certified according to the standard MSZ EN 60895:2004, is to be worn by qualified workers during live working where the system is rated for a voltage up to 800 kV for nominal voltage and up to ±600 kV for DC voltage.

Some of the tests in this special field are carried out by the Product Certification and Inspection Body (NB 1523) with the assistance of a subcontractor, i.e. the flame resistance, electrical resistance, current conductivity and shielding efficiency tests are carried out at the High Voltage Laboratory of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (High Voltage Laboratory, Department of Electrical Power Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Budapest University of Technology and Economics).