INNOVATEX Textile Engineering and Testing Institute Co. - founded in 1949 - is the central research, development and testing basis of the Hungarian textile and apparel industry. Being member of the dynamically growing international HOHENSTEIN Group, our institute offers a broad scale of textile testing, assessment, auditing and certifying services. The basis of our success - which helps us respond to the needs of our customers - is the high level of our services, our commitment for the environment and social responsibility.

Among our customers, there are producers and distributors of fashion clothing, protective clothes and work clothes, interior textile, textile-based products used in transport and companies offering professional cleaning, laundry and textile lease services.

Our MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory services include the physical and chemical testing of textile raw materials, yarns, fabrics and wearing apparel, semi-finished and finished products, accessories, floor coverings et. and certification of  harmful substances occurring in textile products. We are recognized as a European notified test centre for personal protective equipment (No. 1523) and are a member of the most important international and national associations.

The professional experience and know-how is the basis for different services such as consultation on quality control, personalised training, further training, expert consultation, applied research, development and innovation.

We offer our clients (producers, retailers, suppliers etc.) consultation on quality control, issue expert opinions on issues in connection with the industry e.g. environmental protection and recycling in the textile industry and also conduct on-the-spot rating and quality control tests.