Clothing and fashion

INNOVATEXT, as member of the Hohenstein Group offers clothing and garment industry companies, dressmakers shops and producers of fashion products a broad range of independent laboratory tests for quality assessment which serves as a proven basis for decision making in the development and marketing of their products.

The examinations include e.g. the determination of the raw material composition and the usual qualities of use (e.g. abrasion resistance, pilling, determination of tensile strength) or of colour fastness and treatment qualities.

An other important aspect is the complex professional evaluation of size fit and workmanship and the determination of potential hazardous materials in the garment.

For producer producing their clothing products in third countries, with Hohenstein Institute we offer inspection services when our experts conduct on-the-spot tests on the quality indicators of the product. On request, the inspection can include tests carried out before, during or after the production.

Beyond our laboratory examinations we help you with other services, as well. Be it consultancy, the determination of the transportation conditions or the quality guidelines, needs based training or further training, the experts of INNOVATEXT will be at your disposal. We will analyse on your request issues of garment technology and provide you expert opinion on damages.

Part of the special services of the Hohenstein Institute is that their specialist clothing technicians make serial measurements on the target group to determine size specifications or set up a size chart and optimise for companies in the garment industry. Hohenstein experts offer his research results - e.g. the database of clothing industry terminology to ease the communication among our foreign partners, the size tables for different female silhouettes and a comprehensive system of size tables and seminars on the calculation method of tolerance levels in ready made garments and sizes.