Commercial laundries and textile leasing

As member of the Hohenstein Group, we provide commercial laundries and textile leasing companies delivering full range services to the community, health, elderly care homes, to people in care, hotels and the industry with a wide range of advisory services, tests and certifications for a successful positioning in the market. We offer our services to dry-cleaning chains, (dirt repelling) carpet cleaners and textile leasing companies.

For several decades, the Hohenstein Institute has been commissioned by the German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services (Gütegemeinschaft Sachgemäße Wäschepflege e.V)  to carry out the quality assurance for more than 360 members. The quality assurance system focuses on the supervision of hygiene and determines requirements for domestic and commercial laundry (RAL-GZ 992/1), hospital laundry (RAL-GZ 992/2), laundry from food industry (RAL-GZ 992/3) and patients' care (RAL-GZ 992/4) customers. In order to guarantee the competitive advantage of professional laundry companies, INNOVATEX Zrt. is involved in the dissemination of the RAL 992 quality assurance system in Hungary.

We support laundry companies in solving and preventing problem cases and make damage assessment, as well. On request, we carry out environmental analytical tests, such as waste water tests.

Our consultants provide companies comprehensive advice in order to optimise their hygiene management. Within the scope of infection protection, Hohenstein Institutes test the virucidal and bactericidal effect of disinfecting washing methods for the laundry sector. The Institute carries out these test and the hygiene testing of hospital textiles in form of mediated services.

For textile leasing companies we offer consultation services and tests on the appropriate and professional reprocessing of work and professional clothing and personal protective equipment so that the leased textile can retain its required quality, the work clothing and PPEs can guarantee the expected protection and the prolongation of the longetivity of the leased textile can also be guaranteed.  The Hohenstein Institute examines among others the wear comfort and functional properties of lease textiles like the UV-protection factor, dirt-repellent or anti-microbial effect.

For textile leasing companies, we offer the quality label (Hohenstein Qualitätsstandards 701 ff.), to verify the leasing suitability of different textile products through analyses made by the independent institution.

The Hohenstein Institute is involved in research to optimise operating procedures in laundries. Its Academy offers practical training for company managers and laundry employees in the area of professional textile care.