Baby-, childrensware, maternity clothes

INNOVATEXT offers a broad range of laboratory tests and certificates for producers of baby- and childrensware to guarantee special quality from product development to bringing the product to the market. Next to the traditional textile examinations like the determination of the raw material composition in line with the legal regulations, conformity with the use, colour fastness, treatment qualities, fitting to body shape, the quality of workmanship etc. we also pay special attention to the safety requirement of baby and childrensware.

In cooperation with the Hohenstein Institutes we can determine the thermal, insulation, breathing and skin-sensory properties  and optimise the wear comfort of childrensware and the sleep comfort of bedding such as blankets, pillows, mattresses, sleeping bags.

Producers and retailers of garments, towelling, blankets, pillows, mattresses or of textile toys receive through the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate the guarantee that their products are not harmful to health.

The skin-friendly and non-allergic quality labels are the proof through laboratory examinations that the certified products do not cause irritation or allergy to the skin.

Our experts examine in case of childrensware for the age-group under 14 the fulfilment of the DIN EN 14682 standard requirements and the presence of any hazards like slide-fasteners or cords. Producers exporting to the US market must fulfil the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements e.g. concerning lead content and expected flame-proofness (for nightwear).