• Chemical analysis: laboratory quality control testing of textiles and wearing apparel.
  • Tests and certification for STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® , Sustainable Textile and Leather Production (STeP) by OEKO-TEX® .
  • Mechanical testing of textiles and clothing, inspection.
  • EU type-examination of personal protective equipment (as Notified Body for specific protective clothing and gloves).
  • Engineering services and expertise.
  • Information, consultation and work in the field of textile standards and directives.
  • Environment protection.
  • Research and development.
  • Special further training courses.

Services in testing, inspection and certification:

  • helps manufacturers to ensure that their products are conform with standards and regulations related to safety and quality. This way marketability of products can be increased, pre-production cost of textiles can be decreased;
  • helps to decide whether goods comply with the buyer’s specification and their expectation;
  • provides inspection of manufacturing in order to prove that it complies with governments and international standardization institutions’ set of pre-defined standards;
  • fosters global trading, as it proves product’s compliance with standards related to safety, performance and quality related regulatory standards.

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