EU-type examination of Personal Protective Equipment

As Notified Body (EU No.1523)  INNOVATEXT is authorized to conduct EU type examination* and inspection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), within that protective clothing, hand and head protection equipment according to the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council. These EU-type examinations are essential before market PPE in the Single European Market and affix the CE mark of conformity. According to the regulation, articles of clothing which protect the wearer from life-threatening hazards or protect health must be provided with the CE mark of conformity and comply with the basic requirements for health protection and safety specified in the Directive.

Identification is the responsibility of the “marketer”, the manufacturer, his representative in the EU or the importer into the EU. PPE must not be marketed in the European Economic Area unless it complies with the requirements of the Directive.

* The European Direktive 89/686/EEC of 21 April 2018, was replaced by (EU) 2016/425,  so the notified body perfoms EU-type (not EC-type) examination in the future. 

Our services for you:

  • Certification and monitored product tests of protective clothing: EU type examination certificate for PPE (CE certification label) and monitored product testing according to EU regulation 2016/425, Annex VII (Module C2) of category III products,
  • Fitness for use tests, acceptance analyses and quality monitoring
  • Checking of textile UV protection
  • Checking the warning colour to ensure good day visibility in traffic
  • Checking primary products for personal protective equipment
  • Checking the construction and function parameters of textile fabrics
  • Checking and assessing the design with regard to compliance with the protective function

We perform the EU-type examination of the following PPE:

  • High-visibility clothing:
    • protective clothes for professional use (EN ISO 20471)
  • Protective gloves and arm covers against mechanical risk (EN 388)
  • Personal protective equipment against liquid chemicals
    • protective clothing (EN 13034)
    • protective gloves (EN 374-1, according to clause 5.2 only)
  • Personal protective equipment against heat and flame
    • limited flame spread materials, material assemblies and clothing (EN ISO 14116)
    • protective clothing against heat and flame (EN ISO 11612)
    • protective gloves (EN 407)
  • Personal protective equipment for welding
    • protective clothing (EN ISO 11611)
    • protective gloves (EN 12477)
  • Personal protective equipment for firefighters
    • protective clothing for firefighters (EN 469 - exclude whole garment testing according to clause 6.15)
    • wildland clothing (EN 15614)
    • protective gloves (EN 659)
  • Protective clothing against cool and cold
    • garments for protection against cool environments (EN 14058)
    • protective clothing against cold (EN 342)
  • Protective clothes against rain (EN 343)
  • Electrostatic dissipative protective clothing (EN 1149-5)
  • Protective clothing for use where there is a risk of entanglement with moving parts (EN 510)
  • Protective clothing against infective agents (EN 14126)
  • Live working. Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc (EN 61482-2);
    Live working. Conductive clothing (EN IEC 60895)

    Note: We only examine PPE that are made of textile or leather and are part of or complementary to protective clothes. Protective helmets, eye and face protection equipment are not covered by our activity.

EC type-examination certificates issued by INNOVATEXT Co. - (download)