EU-Type Examination and Certification Process

EU Type-Examination and Certification Process for PPE

The EU type-examination of PPE (such as protective clothing or gloves) can be initiated by filling out and submitting an application form.

An application for EU type-examination and an EU type-examination certificate can be submitted by the manufacturer of the PPE or its authorized representative established in the EU.

The following should be attached to the application form, as minimum requirement:

  • technical specifications;
  • information supplied by the manufacturer;
  • sample (one piece of PPE).

In addition, the following can be attached to the application:

  • test report(s) in support of the conformity of the basic material(s) and accessories;
  • certificate(s) (e.g. ÖKO-TEX certificate);
  • other documents deemed necessary by the applicant.

If the applicant does not know which performance levels (classes) the product belongs to according to the relevant standards and thus cannot fill in the TK-1-vr or TK-1-vk page of the application form, they can ask for a preliminary test.

In this case, the applicant should mark “preliminary test” on the TK-1-a page. On the TK-1-vr or TK-1-vk page, the standard(s) and parameter(s) to be covered by the preliminary test should be marked by "+".

When asking for a preliminary test, enclosing the technical specifications and the information is not mandatory but is recommended so that we can inform the applicant about any deficiencies of the documentation.

In the case of cleanable protective equipment, certain tests need to be performed on both the original and the cleaned (e.g. washed) samples. For cleanable protective equipment, please give the method and the maximum permitted number of cleaning.


A test report is made about the results of the preliminary test, the basis of which the applicant can submit the application form of the EU type-examination.

Of course, completed tests do not need to be repeated. The test report of the preliminary tests can be used during the EU type-examination.

After submitting the application form for EU type-examination or preliminary test, we make a bid and calculate the amount of the samples necessary for the tests.

After the confirmation of the bid and the receipt of the test samples, we start the examination.

After receiving the application for EU type-examination, a contract for the certification process is made between the applicant and INNOVATEXT.

If the protective equipment fulfills the requirements, the Product Certification Department of INNOVATEXT issues an EU type-examination certificate which is valid for five years.

During the EU type-examination process INNOVATEXT is allowed to provide mediated service.