History of the Institute

1949 TEXTILE RESEARCH INSTITUTE - foundation of the central R & D and testing base of the Hungarian textile and clothing industry.
1979  INNOVATEXT Textile Industry Research and Development Company (transformation)
1994 Member of the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology, which awards the label "Confidence in Textiles - Tested for Harmful Substances". The institute has obtained accreditation for the OEKO-TEX® standard tests.
1996 INNOVATEXT Textile Engineering and Testing Institute Co. (transformation to shareholder group)
1999 Moving to the renovated building
2004 Privatization, joining to the Hohenstein Institute
2005 Confirmation of competence for testing of products in the sense of EC directive 89/686/EEC for Personal Protective Equipment
2009 60th anniversary celebration of the Institute
2014 Significant personnel and structural changes. The Institute celebrates the 65th anniversary of its establishing.