Process testing and certification - OEKO-TEX® STeP

STeP is the certification system of OEKO-TEX® in the area of Sustainable Textile Production; it replaces the former OEKO-TEX® Standard 1000. This certification system is meant for brands, trading companies and producers within the textile supply chain to communicate achievements in sustainable textile production to the general public in a transparent, authentic and clear form. The certificate is accessible in any production stage starting from the spinning factory, through weaving, knitting and finishing to end product producers and textile logistic centres.

The main goal of the STeP certificate is to guarantee environment friendly production processes, optimal health and safety conditions and socially acceptable working conditions. The continuous and dynamic improvement of the STeP standard and requirements enable certified companies to further improve their environmental performance, social responsibility and efficiency. These help them to compete best in the market.

Further information for global brands, trading companies, textile- and clothing manufacturers on the benefits and on the (web-based) evaluation centre under: OEKO-TEX® website or step[a]